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About Dan Candelore

There is no question that a body of work speaks of the inspiration of an artist. Discover what creativity expresses about Dan Candelore in New York, NY.

Inspired & Self-Taught

I am a self-taught artist. I have always been fascinated by, and drawn to, the split images created by vertical blinds and the shadow patterns created by sunlight streaming through blinds onto floors and walls. When you think about it, virtually everything that your eyes see is a mosaic of disjointed images. I am also intrigued by photography that attempts to define "slices" of time, which takes the form of multiple shots of the same or similar image.

Dan Candelore

Paper Collages

A distant and close-up view of the same work of art will produce a distinctly different emotional response. I usually work on as many as eight to twelve pieces at a time. The entire process to complete a piece can take from several weeks to many months. Some of the larger pieces have taken a year.

It is not possible to visualize the completed collage in its entirety before beginning the piece. Each piece develops at its own pace. I first establish the size and basic color parameters and configuration of each paper cutout or strip. It is usually something serendipitous that determines why and how I begin a piece. I react viscerally to the texture and color of the images I decide to use. The source of the paper material I use includes my extensive portfolio of photographs, shreds of magazine ads, parts of pictures in annual reports, and wallpaper. I am much limited as to what I might employ in any one of my pieces.

From an early age, I had an affinity for taking underexposed Kodachrome slides, which produced pictures saturated with color. This affinity is probably the main reason I have a propensity to use vivid colors in many of my collages. I think of my work as "painting with bits of pictures." I started creating my paper collages in 1979. I have numerous original paper collages in various corporate and private collections.


I started doodling as far back as the mid-1960s. I have accumulated, conservatively, over 35,000 doodles over the years. The doodles just flow out of the tip of the writing utensil I'm using at the moment. I do some of my best doodlings when I'm on a business conference call and am concentrating on the discussion topic.

When I started to review my large scrapbooks of doodles, I realized there was an entire body of work that ought to be presented properly. I am now, slowly, trying to do so by self-publishing many of my doodles in a series of books, which are available on Blurb.

Lithos & Art Books

I created limited editions of six of my paper collages and each edition comprises 300 prints. These lithographs are available for sale. Please contact me by e-mail for availability. Also, I have several books of my paper collages and my doodles available on Blurb.